What is CBD

As you could just read, CBD oil is sometimes confused with hemp oil or THC oil. However, CBD oil is something completely different! But what exactly is the difference? First of all, it is important to know that there is a difference between the hemp plant and the CBD plant. Both plants are descended from the CBD Sativa Linnaeus but the hemp plant is legally grown for industry and the CBD plant illegally for recreational use for its consciousness altering effect. The hemp plant is a crop with long sturdy stalks which is grown by farmers mainly for its strong fibers, which are used in the clothing and construction industries. In addition, hemp is also used for care products such as face cream and body lotion and the seeds of the hemp plant are used for consumption. The CBD plant, on the other hand, is a short bushy plant which, due to the high number of psychoactive substances present, can give you a “high” feeling when you smoke it, for example.


Both the hemp plant and the CBD plant contain over 100 types of cannabinoids. The best known two are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC. The main difference between the two is that CBD has no mind-altering effect but THC does; you can get high from it. In the hemp plant there is only a small percentage of THC, 0.3 to 1.5%, which decreases when the hemp is processed for the industry. This is the reason that hemp is legally grown in the Netherlands and many other European countries. The CBD plant contains 5 to 25% THC depending on the variety, quite a difference. CBD is therefore mainly used for its effect on your psyche and the hemp plant is used for the active substance CBD. The reason that CBD and THC have an effect on your body is because the human body also has a cannabinoid system and produces these substances itself.

CBD oil

CBD oil for the industry is obtained from the hemp plant because it contains relatively large amounts of CBD and, as mentioned before, a negligible amount of THC. So it has no consciousness altering effect. Not unimportant is of course that hemp is grown legally and the production of the CBD oil via this route does not cause any problems. The oil is pressed from the whole plant or just the tops.

Hemp oil

Pressing the seeds of the hemp plant creates hemp oil or hemp seed oil. This oil contains no CBD or THC but is rich in fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9 and, like olive oil, is delicious through your dishes. It is best not to heat this oil (just like extra virgin olive oil) and mix it cold through your food or drizzle it over your salad.

CBD oil

Hemp oil, also called CBD or THC oil is made from the resin of the CBD plant and contains a high level of THC. This oil therefore has a psychoactive effect, so you can get high from it. This is also the reason why it is illegal in the Netherlands. In exceptional cases it can be obtained on prescription through your doctor but the application meets strict requirements. CBD oil also contains some CBD but the percentage is a lot lower than pure CBD oil. Read this article from readers digest mag to learn more about CBD oil.

Care products

The cannabinoid system mentioned earlier is found in various places of the body, including the skin. Skin care products based on CBD oil are therefore a good addition to your daily care. You can choose to buy products that already contain CBD oil or you can buy a good quality CBD oil and add it to your night cream, for example. There are also products based on hemp seed oil, which offers fine care for the skin because it is rich in various fatty acids (omega 3,6,9).

CBD oil supplementation

CBD oil is available in drops, capsules and softgels. The advantage of capsules and softgels is that you do not taste the pronounced flavor of CBD oil but the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to dose. When you start taking CBD oil it is best to start slowly and build up the dosage. With drops this is a lot easier than with capsules. You can mix the drops with yogurt or some juice to disguise the spicy taste. Always choose a reliable brand when you buy CBD oil, so you can be sure that you take pure CBD oil where the THC value is less than 0.2%.

CBD oil on travel

CBD is not covered by the opium law in the Netherlands and can therefore be taken across the border without any problems. The rules for other countries within Europe are a bit more unclear, so always check with the customs of the country whether it can be taken on a trip without problems. CBD oil is not recommended to take to other continents because the rules are a lot stricter.

Sammie J. Sheppard

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