Smartphone secrets and sending documents

Smartphones have replaced many devices: players, phones, computers. Often we are not even aware of the great features and convenient functions of smartphones, which are hidden or not announced by the developers.

In today’s issue of ABBYY Mobile Monday we are telling you about the smartphone lifehouses, and also quickly send a document.

iOS council. Lifehouses for iPhone

We are telling you about some of the secrets of using the iPhone that impressed us. We hope that they will surprise you as well.

Continuous shooting

A useful feature of the Camera app that Apple has never focused on. To create a series of shots, press and hold the shutter button or volume button (which turns into a camera button).

As long as the button is held down, pictures will be taken at high speed. This allows you to shoot subjects on the move, or it’s just an opportunity to select a couple of successful shots from the series.

iOS 12 Lifehack – convenient cursor movement

Another feature Apple has introduced into iOS 12 without saying a word: turning the keyboard into a “trackpad” to move the cursor. “It works with 3D Touch,” you might say. But no, it’s now available to iPhone 5S and SE owners who have upgraded to iOS 12.

To activate the trackpad mode, just press the space bar and the keyboard will move to the cursor mode. Very convenient!

Fast currency conversion

No need to install currency conversion applications. The iPhone can do this on its own. Go to the Spotlight search screen, swapping down from top to bottom, and enter the corresponding request in the search box.

Opening the recently closed Safari tabs

Have you accidentally closed the right tab in your Safari browser? Simply open the tab view by clicking the button in the bottom right corner and press +. A window opens with the tabs recently closed. Safari makes it even easier on your iPhone than most desktop browsers.

Opening a link on a new tab

There are two ways to open a link in a new tab. The first, it seems, is a well-known one: long tap on the link → “Open in a new tab”. The second method is not so obvious: you should press the link with two fingers and it will be opened in a new tab.

Quick character set

If you are printing text that does not have many characters or numbers, you can speed up the process a bit. If you want to print a symbol or number, hold your finger on the “123” button on your keyboard and hold your finger to the desired character. The keypad will immediately switch back to the “letter” mode.

“Take off” up

Was it such that you had to browse through the article on the site for a long time in the beginning to find the quote you liked? On the iPhone, this can be done much more easily by clicking at the top of the screen where the watch is located, and the page scrolls instantly to the top.

Stop music or video by timer

Someone likes to listen to music or watch a couple of episodes of their favorite series before going to bed. It happens that we wake up in the morning and the phone is discharged because we fell asleep with the playback turned on.

To avoid this, we turn on the playback stop in the standard iPhone timer. To do this, set the timer for the desired time and select “Stop” as the beep. All: When the time is up, the music and movie will stop.

Transferring the alarm clock

Who doesn’t like to sleep? ☺ Sometimes you want to sleep for at least 9 minutes in the morning (to which the iPhone puts off the signal). You don’t have to try to get to the “Later” button in the morning, just press the lock or volume button on your iPhone. The alarm will ring again after 9 minutes. You’ll have to get up at ☹

Hiding personal photos

Often we give our phones to friends or colleagues to show them photos, for example, from vacation or concert videos. There may be photos in the film that you don’t want to show anybody. The extra pile and the image will appear on the screen.

It won’t work that way! To avoid this, select a file or multiple files in the film, press “Share” and tap “Hide”. Now your strictly personal photos and videos are in a separate folder “Hidden”.

Sammie J. Sheppard

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