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We welcome our readers to the blog, which is dedicated to innovations and the latest developments in the field of mobile devices and gadgets. During the year there were a lot of interesting gadgets in iCover, which became bestsellers among customers.

We decided to choose the coolest of them and present you a selection of the most popular devices of our shop for the last year.

Fitness bracelet with heart rate

The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse deserves to be the first in this review, as the device really met the expectations of users. The new generation of fitness tracker has got an additional feature – it is a function of heart rate monitor. At the same time, the price has remained at the same level, which is very pleasing.

As for the rest of the parameters, the worn gadget for sports, as before, calculates the number of steps, measures the level of lost calories, monitors the sleep phases and notifies the user of incoming messages and other events from the smartphone via Bluetooth.

The new ability to measure heart rate allows athletes and just active people to better monitor their health status. You can check your overall heart rate during the day to reduce or increase your heart rate on the following days.

Thus, it is very convenient to make your sports schedule in advance. This will allow you to achieve the best results in performance and sport. You can find out about other smart bracelets in the Activity Trackers section.

COTEetCI Charging Cradle

Among the many accessories for “apple” products, there will be a docking station and a COTEetCI Charging Cradle holder, which has attractive shapes. The creators followed a minimalist design, which is inherent in all Apple products and added some interesting elements. This is a nice curved stand for iPhone and a cylindrical pedestal for Apple Watch.

Device perfectly copes with its task and will fit into any modern design of an apartment or house, decorating it with its stylish performance. What’s more, the gadget is highly reliable, thanks to its anodized aluminum housing. The remarkable glossy bezel will also emphasize the appearance of the charger.

Children’s Watch Phone

This is a very useful device for parents who care about the safety of their children. Children’s smart watch-phone FixiTime Smart Watch, will please not only adults, but also children too. The device has been designed to match the theme of the popular animated series “FixiTime Smart Watch”.

Feature of the children’s gadget is a built-in slot for SIM-card, which will allow you to quickly contact your baby with his parents or vice versa through the built-in microphone and loudspeaker.

In addition, there is GPS-navigation for monitoring the child on the map through a special application on the smartphone, but only outside the buildings. For this purpose, there is a function of LBS, which allows you to monitor the movement of the child within a radius of 50 meters indoors. This is useful when the family went shopping and resting in the nearest supermarket.

Device will notify parents when the baby is out of the allowed area and thus can monitor 20 devices, which is useful for those who have more than one child. You can set up two numbers (i.e. father and mother) for speed dialing and limit incoming calls to only two contacts.

For children, there are two quick buttons on the gadget to call one of the parents – Tel.1 and Tel.2, as well as an emergency SOS button. It is important to have an IP55 child smart watch protection certificate against direct exposure to moisture. Damage to the accidental impact, rubberized, rugged case will also be very difficult.

Graphic Tablet

The graphic tablet of average level One by Wacom Medium will approach for users who already quite knockoutly operate in the photo-editor Photoshop and wish to create individual creations.

The gadget will allow to edit a photo, that is to allocate and cut out certain areas, to retouch and unite various parts only one feather. You can create your own annotations with your own handwriting or subscribe to documents and emails with your own handwriting.

There are a lot of ways to use a graphic tablet. This will help to unleash the creative potential of the user. From technical features of a device it is necessary to allocate enough big area of a working surface of a graphic tablet and easy ergonomic feather with two programmable buttons.

The electronic pen has a sensitivity to 1024 levels of touch, which will make it possible to make different manipulations when creating complex drawings and other graphics.

Sammie J. Sheppard

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