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How to choose the best flowers when buying cbd buds?

CBD buds are nothing more or less than the well-formed flowers produced by female hemp Sativa L. plants.

Each variety of CBD flowers has its own effects on the body. Therefore, it is best to first understand how your body reacts to them to find your ideal dosage and type.

Choosing the right flower when buying cbd buds online is not an easy task: the first thing you should do before buying it is to make sure that its sale complies with the legislation of your country and that it is also grown organically, without any phytosanitary product of mineral or chemical origin, this is very important if you do not want to have any problem over time derived from pesticides or other substances harmful to health. In addition, if the flowers are organically grown as all CBD Organics products, you also ensure an unparalleled aroma, flavor and effectiveness.

The ideal is to find the right flower for you instead of consuming the first type you find without checking its origin, type of cultivation and the seller’s guarantee that it complies with all laws. As you know, the only way to find the ideal CBD buds for you is to keep trying varieties until you find yours, always from sites that guarantee the points we have mentioned above.

Demanding that it be totally pure, free of residual pesticides, heavy metals or other contaminants is fundamental for the reasons we mentioned above. It is also important that you determine how much potency you are looking for and what your purposes are in acquiring it.

How to choose the best CBD buds?

Choosing the best CBD buds is not an easy task, before acquiring them you must know how to distinguish which are the best quality ones. The first thing you should take into account is that the hemp production is totally natural and organic. Here we present a series of aspects to consider so that you can find the best CBD flower.

The Aroma

The smell generated by the terpenes is a vitally important factor. Most producers tend to alter this original aroma to achieve a more intense aroma, adding artificial terpenes to the buds or products in the irrigation of the plants to give them a certain flavor.

To distinguish if this smell is natural or not, you only have to compare the aroma when you open the bag with the one that emanates when you squeeze, crush the flower or pass it through the grinder. Generally this smell is of a captivating intensity and it seems easy to distinguish it but it requires some practice that you can acquire while you try our varieties at your own pace.

A penetrating and enchanting fragrance is the most characteristic feature of terpenes and each one has a different aroma. It is important to note that a strong smell in CBD flowers is a clear sign of their potency.

The trichomes

Before you get your CBD flowers you should make sure that they are covered with trichomes. Look carefully at these small crystalline strands. They are not always immediately noticeable but if you look closely you will see them.

It is more than likely that if your flower is covered with a dense layer of trichomes you will get a quality bud.

The color

On this property you should be very attentive. A flower that looks healthy and thick is an excellent flower. In the best CBD flowers should predominate the green color with its different shades, both light and dark because the tone depends on the genetics of the variety and sometimes the crop. The pistils are usually between a brown or orange tone. The sheen exhibited by the buds is commonly a quality trait as it is a sign that there is a good amount of trichomes.

Certain notable flowers may show a mixture of green and purple, the so-called “purple” varieties. It is always advisable to avoid buds that are entirely yellowish, reddish or brownish.

The sticky and crunchy

A flower of remarkable excellence is neither too wet nor too dry. It is consistent to the touch and allows us to split it without it ending up as dust. It should be sticky because of the resin and at the same time crunchy. You can put it next to the ear and move it, if it is a good bud you will hear the nice crunchy sound they offer.

Density and good formation

The buds should be dense, tight and without gaps. Well grown CBD flowers have no leaves, twigs or seeds as they have been hand manicured like all CBD Organics buds, they are compact.

The pistils

The color that should predominate in the pistils is golden. Strands with red, pink, orange or brown hues are clear signs of flower maturity. This trait reflects proper cultivation.

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Sammie J. Sheppard

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