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Would you like to be able to blog from your mobile device on the go? In this article I will tell you what you need to do.

Why keep a blog from your mobile device at all? I already have a blog and I’m not going to create another one, even if it’s from a phone, you might say.

But once you’ve created your own blog using, for example, the WordPress platform, you don’t have to sit at your computer anymore to post, reply to messages or even work on your online brand.

In today’s mobile 140-character world, most readers prefer small content. And for this purpose, mobile devices are ideal.

“You have to be in touch every day, it’s very important,” said rock star and video blogger Gary Weinerchuk when asked what companies need most of all today. “Detailed blogging worked several years ago. Now microblogging rules. The rules of the game have changed.

And microblogging does not apply only to Twitter. Many new topics in WordPress are focused on short advertising, photos and even on filling the sidebar.

In fact, a standardized list of these “short” post formats has appeared in WordPress since version 3.1. And now bloggers can customize their theme based on these specific, shorter than “normal” posts. The standard list of post formats includes Side Panel, Audio, Chat, Gallery, Links, Quotes, Status and Video.

Today, there are virtually no Google apps left with a limited number of characters for blog posts. And if you make every effort to create a unique, thoughtful content that will meet the needs of users, a good place on the search page is provided to you.

And if you combine this with mobile technology, then blogging from your phone will be easier and more efficient than ever before. This means that bloggers should no longer be chained to the desktop.

Mobile applications for blogging

In the mobile world, quality apps like Evernote attract a lot of attention. While cloud-based applications are a huge leap forward in mobile content development, I still prefer to turn off middleware and publish my messages directly from the application I’m writing to.

Based on these considerations, here are my top three mobile blog apps:

  • WordPress for iOS (there’s also WordPress for five additional mobile platforms) – WordPress is great because it has optimized the blogging system from your computer and allows you to simply post text, photos and videos directly from your mobile phone. Its only drawback is the need to format text and HTML, so you can save yourself from headaches if you make a copy while blogging from your phone.
  • CoveritLive – I mostly do marketing, but every time I write about a blog event and want to work with other bloggers, there’s no better application in the world than CoveritLive, which essentially adds a chat feature to the blog.
  • Quicklytics – In terms of blog statistics, I rely on Quicklytics to track Google Analytics on all my blogs. So, if a blog topic has caused a surge in activity, I will immediately learn about it and be able to add a post to it or make any necessary corrections through my favorite WordPress.

But in order to post high-quality mobile content on your blog, you can even do without any applications. If you want to know more, read on.

Mobile blogging by e-mail

One of my favorite ways of mobile blogging is to send posts to my website by e-mail.

If you dig a little bit into the settings, you will be able to connect the sending of e-mails to your WordPress blog. WordPress will create a unique address that will receive all posts from your email, so keep this address a secret to avoid spam on your site. The title of the post will appear in the subject of the email and the body of the email.

Photoblogging via Flickr

Using email to host posts is quite simple and convenient. But sending multimedia content to a blog is more difficult.

And photo networks such as Flickr are great for it, allowing you to kill two birds with one email: double-posting a photo from your phone to the photo network (Flickr and others) and on your own blog.

The ability to publish with Flickr via email is great for visual postings where the photo carries the idea of posting.

And if you use an autofill application such as Feedburner to combine your blog with social media, six keystrokes can create a Twitter tweet and a Facebook post containing a link to your blog, thus automatically creating an entire advertising campaign for you. And all this will take a maximum of 30 seconds of your precious time!

Video blogging via mobile

Mobile video blogging is not as fast as photo blogging because it takes more time to process video, but it is much easier thanks to the development of WordPress and YouTube.

As you know, the WordPress application allows you to upload videos to your blog directly from your phone. But did you know that WordPress also allows you to add videos from YouTube to your blog by simply inserting the YouTube email address into the blog editor? This means that you can post your video on your blog via your mobile phone in a simple way:

  • Upload the video from your phone’s gallery to YouTube using the standard option of your iPhone.
  • Copy the email address of the video to YouTube as soon as it appears on the network.
  • Paste the address into your next blog post.

A local surf shop has recently been able to shoot and share a selection of photos and videos of “Sasquatch on the Surf” online in one day, using nothing but the iPhone and iPad. They also edited the video on their iPad using iMovie, another noteworthy, functional and easy-to-use video editing application.

Blog of events

CoveritLive allows bloggers from all over the world to communicate with each other in real time. You can even leave a blog post on Twitter, again, killing two birds with one iPhone.

Using my iPhone, I was even able to post on my blog while sailing in a kayak in Mackawi Bay in San Francisco during the 2012 World Series. Yes, you got it right, I was blogging at night, sitting in a kayak during the World Series. This is something that fantasists didn’t dream about before the smartphones appeared.

And since I was one of the few sports observers who went directly to the bay, my blog became a source of information for all publications, from “Deadspin” to “Detroit Free Press”. My posts were the most popular I’ve ever written


In today’s digital world you can create your own blog through your mobile device. Use these tips to create a blog where you share brief content with users to keep your business blog active while you’re away from your computer.

Remember that mobile blogging can help you publish content faster than your direct competitors or larger sites. For example, it will help you to be the first to write about sensational news and thus increase the attendance of your resource.

Sammie J. Sheppard

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